0.0.7 Breaking Change

  • Upgrade to Twitter Bootstrap to 3.0.0
    • CSS names were changed to maintain compatibility with the Bootstrap Changes.
    • Update included Bootswatch themes
  • Upgrade dependencies in package.json
  • Rewrite default navigation plugin to use Panels and Breadcrumbs


  • Upgrade dependencies in package.json
  • Require Node 0.10.10 in package.json definition


  • Use path.resolve to avoid plugin load failures when using relative paths

0.0.4 Breaking Change

  • Updated plugin signature to (url_prefix, asset_obj, parent_obj, all_data) so that plugins can create links have access to the optional user-supplied URL prefix.
  • Add -p/--prefix command line argument to build command
    • This option allows you to customize the URL prefix used for the generated pages
    • Defaults to '/'
    • If you provide this value, you will likely need to also customize the /template/api.html file in your documentation directory. This template has references to the 'static' resources associated with your documentation.


  • Handle plugin underscore references by copying underscore.js to the {docs}/plugins/lib directory.
  • Output list of supported commands if supplied command cannot be resolved.


  • Support files for subdirectories.
    • Child directories at depth > 2 can optionally include an file for content that should be linked to the directory itself.
  • Include FontAwesome for additional styling options


  • Initial release